Baby powder without any nasties.

Fresh & Dry® Baby Powder is for people alert to the potential dangers of traditional talc-based baby powders.

Talc is mined from seams close to asbestos, a material known to cause cancer. The past few years have seen a torrent of news reports documenting this link. In the USA, large, household name companies are currently facing tens of thousands of lawsuits from people claiming that their talc-based baby powder has caused cancer due to asbestos contamination.

Fresh & Dry® Baby Powder is the preferred alternative and is made in the UK. Our corn powder-based product is 100% talc free, non-allergenic, and contains none of those other nasties like parabens or phthalates. So not only is it talc free, it’s worry free too. An ideal, effective and simple way to help care for your baby’s skin.

All Fresh & Dry® products are manufactured to international safety standards BRCGS, ISO14001, ISO45001 and ISO9001.